Our Project

So we had a task to make something explaining Percent, We got back from hockey so we had less time then the others and well… hope you enjoy!   If you have any questions let me know in the c... Read More

100% ME!

Today we did this task where we had to say everything that made us, us! But… there were a couple of rules, At the end of everything that made you, you, And all of the percentages had to add up t... Read More

Lego Building

So today we did a task about Lego making, now you may say that. ” hey Lego isn’t for school time!” well we got some instructions from Miss Fitz that were like from the 11 Century and... Read More

Reading for 2015

I have bought this book from the bendigo libary and so far, its really good, Its San Fay Wolfe’s first book of the elimantia series, Its a minecraft book, Here is the blurb, Dark forces are at w... Read More