All About Me

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.55.18 amHi, I am Oliver, from Epsom Primary school, I enjoy playing games on the Xbox 1 and computer, a couple of games that I enjoy playing are Call of duty Black ops 3, Five nights at freddy’s 1 through to 4, My favorite game to play is called counter strike which is only available on steam, ( a gaming app that allows you to play games only on laptop like halo and lots of other games) I also like watching youtube videos as well as making them, so far I have 78 subscribers.


I love playing futsal, ( an indoor game of soccer ) and normal soccer. I have a dog which is quite weird, and we have chickens that scare the hell out off our dog, Milton, I yet have to still explore the weird hole in the paddock that just drops down, It’s sort of like a drop and I can fit in the but I don’t want to cause gord know what is down there. We have a newborn baby called Charlie and he wakes up every 2 hours for a feed, So I am normally grumpy In  the morning, But my breakfast and my homemade fruit juice normally wake me up,


Most of my hobbies are just the usual gaming, Playing sport and not much more, The only one that I really like is drawing, I normally just draw a really good picture and just give it to my brother for 5 dollars and he just buys it, I have over $50 just from making pictures, I not good at any music apart from clarinet and I can play a little bit of guitar, And that is all about me!

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